What is Selenium IDE?

Just for record and play. If you talk about handling large projects and implementing various automation frameworks like Data driven or Hybrid then IDE is not a tool for that.

There are times when we get tough time in finding targeted path of the HTML component then IDE is helpful in finding that path and it�s easy to convert that code in Selenium RC or Webdriver format and can be use in your script.

Best information on Selenium IDE can be found at the main Seleniumhq website i.e.

Selenium IDE:

Selenium IDE

W2A provides you the practical exposure on how to use various features of Selenium IDE step by step from downloading till record and play and then integrate those scripts in your Selenium RC or Webdriver code.

How to Download Selenium IDE?

Pre Requisite:

Getting Started:

Go to the download page of Seleniumhq and download the latest available version of Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE comes as an add-on to the firefox. Once downloaded and Install, go to Tools menu and click on Selenium IDE