About implementing the framework with Selenium?

Hybrid Framework which is the combination of Keyword driven and Data driven framework. Currently most of the companies are working on the Hybrid framework since it�s the very fast way of creating automation and requires very less programming experience to user who is automating a website.

In most of the organization development team is involved in the creation of automation frameworks such as Data driven or Hybrid. Since it requires some programming expertise to build up the architecture and integrate different components in it.

W2A provides you a platform where you can learn how to implement Data driven and Hybrid (Keyword + Data driven) framework by your own and implement them in your current automation project.


Selenium Hybrid Framework

Architecture Explanation:


1. Config - Keeps all the configuration files such as Xpaths, Selenium and Application logs, Test data files etc.

2. Datatable - Package contains the excel reader java file. Implemented various methods that helps in reading and writing inside an excel file.

3. testApps - Contains core files of the framework which helps maitaining intergration with other available classes and methods.

4. testReports - Contains file to generate test report on each step of execution

5. util - Utility package contains various configuration files such as Database connectivity, Email configuration setting and all other utilites etc.