What is Selenium Flash (Flex) testing?

Flash (Flex) test scripting is almost different when compare with Selenium test scripting and is dealt differently in both Selenium RC and Webdriver.

The flash-selenium extends the Selenium RC clients for adding Flash communication capabilities. The Flash-selenium extension is a Selenium RC client driver extension that helps in test automation of Flash component.

Unlike other web based application here in flash apps you need to know the code written to build the flash app. Basically you need to know the methods used to call different flash actions to use them while writing the selenium automation scripts. It is not very difficult but it�s not easily available on internet for practice there are very few website that give away the flash code to end user.

Now where to find this flash id? You need to open the firepath and highlight the flash player area and then search for the embed tag. Flash player ids are basically mentioned under embed or object tag.

Flash player id:

Selenium Flash (flex) testing
W2A provides you the practical exposure on how to implement flash testing and create a flashapp class for Webdriver and automate flash components through Selenium RC & Webdriver.

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Download the flash-selenium jar file: