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Automation Architect with Selenium

What’s next after selenium…?:

Do you think after learning “selenium”, the path to “software automation” is completed??

Do you think “selenium” is not providing good job opportunities???

Do you think after learning “selenium” you are ahead of others???

Do you think you reached, saturation point of your “salary package”???

If “yes”, then please think again…..!!!!

There's a world beyond Selenium which is yet to be explored. Big MNCs across world have already started implementing advance testing concepts in their current automation process. The time is coming where in interviews you will not just asked on how to write selenium scripts but also how to integrate various tools with your basic selenium framework. Here is the need of an “Automation Architect”.

Now taking care of current and upcoming market need, we are launching our long awaited unique course “Automation architect with selenium” where you will learn how to design a complete framework from scratch to a level on which your company can rely.

This course is designed strictly for those who already know how to work with selenium. The pre-requisite for enrollment of this course are:

  • One must be good in Core Java concepts.
  • One must have complete understanding of Selenium RC & WebDriver.
  • One must be familiar with Junit & TestNG java frameworks.
  • One must be familiar with working knowledge of any automation framework in Selenium.

Some of the unique highlights from the course:

  • Java Design Patterns
  • Page Object Modelling
  • Page Factories
  • Maven –basic & Extended
  • Git - Git Client - Git hub
  • Continuous Integration
  • Jenkins
  • APIs - Reporting, Logging, Mailing etc.
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Behavior Driven Frameworks - JBhave & Cucumber
  • BDD - Thucydides automation framework
  • Grid Extended and more...

  • Detailed course content will be shared at the time of Demo sessions.

    Like always you will get first 2 sessions of the automation architect course free of cost in which we will cover complete implementation of Java design patterns, Page Object model framework and will also give you insight of the course architecture.

    Time has come where the companies are switching from primitive test driven approach to behavior driven approach which is a current demand of the agile environment.

    Don't worry we will take you there and will give you a quick boost in your current career.

    After completing the course successfully, students shall be able to:

  • Apply for any and all jobs related to Selenium
  • Create multiple frameworks as per requirement
  • Setup the automation process in the industry
  • Guide others in Selenium automation process
  • Integrate various API's and tools to support current automation process

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