COURSE ID: PROTRACTOR - End to End Testing for AngularJS Applications

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One of the unique course in the market on Protractor that covers end2end test execution with all Real time examples and utilites on AngularJS and non-AngularJS apps with indepth implemenation of frameworks like Jasmine, Page Object Model etc

Module 1: Introduction and Basic installation

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to AngularJS Protractor
  • Pre-requisities
  • Installing JDK and Node.js
  • Installing Protractor on Windows
  • Troubleshooting with python installation error
  • Installing Python
  • Troubleshooting with visual studio installation error
  • Running the First Protractor Test
  • Installing Eclipse and Turn plugin

Module 2: Protractor Basics

Topics Covered

  • Understanding the conf.js file
  • Understanding describe and it block and creating test cases
  • Handling dropdown list
  • Handling validations using Jasmine Expect
  • Webstorm integration and handling protractor runner
  • Auto-suggestions
  • Project code

Module 3: Jasmine Basics

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Jasmine framework
  • BeforeEach and AfterEach
  • Expect toBe and notToBe
  • Expect toEqual, toMatch and notToEqual
  • Creating testsuites and running all / selective testcases
  • Project code

Module 4: Locators

Topics Covered

  • About AngularJS locators
  • ByModel, ByClass, ByButtonText
  • ByBinding, ByID
  • By Repeater
  • By addLocators
  • Select Wrapper class
  • Project code

Module 5: Utilities

Topics Covered

  • Generating logs - winston NPM
  • Generating Allure Reports
  • Installing Maven and Generating HTML Reports
  • Sending Emails
  • Understaing Package.json and its usage

Module 6: Data Driven Testing

Topics Covered

  • Reading Data and locators through json files
  • Parameterization using Jasmine Data Providers
  • Reading Excel Files
  • Project code
  • Examples

Module 7: E2E testing on AngularJS Banking Application

Topics Covered

  • Automating Banking App
  • Writting e2e test cases for Bank Manager login
  • Writting e2e test cases for Customer Login
  • Using Utilities
  • Project code

Module 8: Handling Non-Angular Elements

Topics Covered

  • Automating a Login Window
  • Handling tabs and popus
  • Handling frames
  • Project code
  • Examples

Module 9: Android - Test execution on a Real Device

Topics Covered

  • How to execute Protractor test on an Android Real Device
  • Android Test Configuration
  • Project Code

Module 10: Jenkins CI

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Jenkins Configuration
  • Understanding the Conf.js file
  • Using Utilities
  • Code and NPM Packages for download