Testing: A perspective


I have heard many people arguing what future holds for Software Testing looking into the automation part everywhere around.With around 4 years work experience in service based as well as product based companies I firmly believe Testing is here to stay till the time software development will happen and that includes Manual Testing as well.

Lets dig deeper into the statement through an example

Mr Vivek is one of the best Product Manager in his company.As a Test Lead Mr Ashish suggested him to go to automation way for the testing that happens in the company.Mr Vivek took the POC of automation and decided  he only need Sanity test cases to be automated,rest should be done by Manual Testing and best resources should be a part of Manual Testing that is supposed to happen

There was another Product Manager who decided all test cases to be automated as it will save time and will help in timely delivery.


What you think?Who is correct?

Mr Vivek’s Product went live 3 days after scheduled time and another Product went live before time.Initially it was all praise for automation and timely delivery but thing started to turn when actual customer data began to float after 2 weeks of Google Analytics result.

More customer were getting converted from the product which Mr Vivek was taking care off  then the other one.

Any guess,how?


It was because of following reason:

  • Manual Testing covered the paths which automation was not able to,automation can never be 100%
  • Manual Testing took care of user experience which automation work can not
  • Manual Testing resources had Product knowledge and knew all the negative and positive path
  • Manual Testing  resources had a knowledge of platforms from which most users come for that product and carried out testing in Prioritize manner rather than testing all blindly


It is always nice to have tools which can reduce your burden of work and increase your productivity but its impractical to think that some machine will do all the work and you will enjoy coffee till scripts run.

Be it manual testing,automation testing or performance testing,none can replace another and a good test manager always know that they are just a part of testing not a type of testing in itself.They need to complement each other rather than replacing some with some other.